Monday, August 4, 2008

Yay! One month blog anniversary! ~Pizza Party!~

So, I made it one month without abandoning this blog! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! And, I got plenty of great comments from people -- including from one of my favorite bloggers, Robin Hanson -- and lots of participants on my poll. All in all, a GREAT first month for my third attempt at blogging. Readers, give yourselves a pat on the back for all your love and support you've given me!

As a celebration of this success, I'm hosting a pizza party at the Dave & Buster's in Austin, Texas on Saturday, August 16th, starting at 8pm, and ending whenever you leave or get kicked out. (It's at 9333 Research Blvd, or, for normal people, the northeast corner of the 183/Mopac intersection.) That's next week, on Saturday. "Wait wait wait, do you mean THIS COMING Saturday, or NEXT WEEK, on Saturday?" Next week, on Saturday. "Oh, okay, thanks, you were unclear before." [1]

So, if you've read this, and plan to be in Austin, Texas that day, you're legally obligated to stop by. Please RSVP by email or in the comments. But if you forget to, don't be afraid to come anyway. There will be non-pizza options if you, like me, don't eat pizza.

[1] Sadly, this is isomorphic to a conversation I've actually had.


Robin Hanson said...

Wish I could come, but not only don't I live near you, I'll get at GenCon that day.

Silas Barta said...

Robin Hanson: I strongly suspect, though cannot prove, that your expressed desire to attend in the case that it were convenient, does not accurately reflect your utility curve.

Anonymous said...

hey it's jimmycopulos from lue. I'll definitely be there.

Silas Barta said...

Rock on, jimmy! :-)

Bob Murphy said...

I hope you will post photos. I am still not sure that you exist. It's possible you are a fragment of my subconscious that is worried about contradictions in my writing.