Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm such a twit...

I didn't think I'd ever see the day, but because of that "thing I applied for" (more on that later) I had to get a Twitter account, and as luck would have it, @SilasBarta was available and I took it.

So you can be reassured that @SilasBarta isn't some dastardly soul trying to impersonate me.

(I was going to make another remark about having made this post purely through the keyboard, but Twitter ruined it ... some of their clickable buttons can't be recognized by Pentadactyl, the Firefox extension that tries to let you do everything from the keyboard but gets stymied by by poor web design.)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mr. Ford, meet Boeing

You know how it's become a sort of cliche/folk-economics to say that "You should pay your workers enough so that they can buy the product you sell?" It's supposed to be what gave Henry Ford I his tremendous success with the Model T, and has become a staple of union bargaining.

For a recent example of this line of thought, here's none other than (former Secretary of Labor) Robert Reich arguing it, complete with reference to the Model T story.

Well, it recently occurred to me how underpaid I am. My employer modifies and sells large aircraft. No way can I afford that!!!

Did somebody say "raise"?

(This post made entirely without use of the mouse -- including for looking up and copying over links -- thanks to the use of the Firefox Pentadactyl extension. Give it a whirl!)

Addendum: To clarify, Boeing is not my employer, just a synecdoche for large aircraft manufacturers in general.