Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Onion sets Time Magazine straight

Oh ... this is epic. Just epic. The Onion says what's been on my mind for years: Time is written like it's for children, dumbing everything down and writing in such simplistic terms that aren't conducive to critical thinking.

Likewise, despite all the criticism the blogosphere gets for being superficial, I've long held that one day of browsing blogs gives me more intellectual stimulation than I've gotten from a lifetime of reading print media like Time. And I used to joke that the average poster on a discussion site communicates better than Time's writers.

Average commenter: "Two plus three equals five."

Time article: "So imagine that you've got a pair of whiz-bang new gadgets, and your friend has stepped up with three of her own. Well, using an advanced mathematical procedure called adding, you can instantly figger how many you've got in total, say Profession David Livinsky of MIT. The result in this case? Cinco."

But enough of that -- just watch the video. They've nailed everything there is to mock about Time.

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Anonymous said...

Something that may interest you. Time magazine was once the sister publication of a (now-defunct) magazine called Life ... a publication almost entirely pictorial in format. Hence Time/Life.

The running gag (in the forties) was: "Life ... for those who can't read. Time ... for those who can't think.

People weren't so dumb, back then.


Uncle Nasty