Tuesday, July 15, 2008

GM cutting dividend, jobs, irresponsibility

Well, it looks like GM is going to finally suspend its dividend.

Gee, you mean we have to pay the wages for labor performed fifty years ago before the enterprise's residual income claimants? Who'da thunk?

This is something I've been demanding for a long time.

They will also be trying to cut jobs. They had some "success" with their buyout program in which they tried to pay all their US workers to go away and shut up about their guaranteed jobby. As the eminent Winterspeak was clever enough to point out, the people most likely to take the buyouts are the competent workers. They get the buyout money, plus the income from their next eager employer. Anyone who refuses to take the buyout -- and you know, is putting together your next car -- knows damn well he can't rook anyone else to pay him for what he does.

And for those of you with GM warrantees needing work? Well, I hope you'll like getting in line behand granny's life support money. I'm sure you'll look real noble.

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