Monday, July 21, 2008

Poll results: Don't go long on oil

Looks like the poll results are in. Wow, 9 votes, without me having to vote or arm-twisting people into vote, or voting myself!

One third of you (3) want me to go ahead with this, while two thirds (6) believe that the world doesn't work like I believe it does, in which fate conspires to work against me, such that I can exploit it to help others. (Surprisingly, none of you took the "High oil prices ROCK!" option, which is strange, since I mentioned the poll to the eminent David Zetland, and there's a contingent of people who see good in expensive oil.)

Well, the bigger the empire giant, the harder the fall. This will just make me that much more famous if I publicly declare intent to manipulate oil prices this way and I turn out to be right.

Pledges for gifts if I can make oil fall, can be made by email. Thanks in advance.

ADDENDUM: Some people are having trouble reading the poll options. They were:

-Yes! Full steam ahead! (3)
-No, high oil prices ROCK! (0)
-No ... the world doesn't work like that, kid. (6)
- ... Not even gonna dignify this one. No, wait! (0)

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