Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two peculiarities about Obama

First of all, why hasn't anyone made fun of Obama by missspelling his first name? Now, I'm not advocating anyone do this, because I think it's petty and wrong. But why don't they spell it as Biraq, which under some pronunciations can sound the same as Barack? Wow, now you've linked him to a Middle Eastern country! Go you! Again, the problem isn't that I think he *deserves* such tactics, but it seems so obvious, yet no one does it. Then, string them together and you have "Biraq Hussein Osama". Again, I think this tactic would be wrong, but given the intensity of Obama hatred, why hasn't it happened yet?

Second, I've heard, by my count, three pro-Obama songs enter the rotation on XM station 101, the reggae (Jamaican-style) music station. Since the song has to be *good* in addition to pro-Obama to enter rotation, that suggests a lot of effort going into promoting him.

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