Saturday, July 5, 2008

A pickup truck driver tried to ram me

Okay, first personal post.  As I was driving back to Austin from Waco for the 4th of July weekend, was stopped at a light behind a pickup truck driver.  I saw him smoking and figured he was just going to be like the standard, don't-care-about-everyone-else jerk that tends to drive a pickup.

And of course, I turned out to be right.  He tossed his cigarette out his window in contravention of the laws against this and general standards of decency.  So, I gently reminded him of his transgression by laying on my horn the moment it hit the ground.   This seem to anger him, as he started to yell things at me I couldn't quite make out, via his rear-view mirror.  I motioned to him something like "smoking cigarette, toss aside, what the hell?"  As is usual from this type of animal, he only got angrier.

In an attempt to retaliate, he drove very slowly through the light when it turned green.  No problem, he's trying to piss me off and it's not going to work.  I just casually followed behind him without attempting to go around him.  Finally, he pulled to the left to a turn lane and put on his signal like he was going to turn.  After I passed he came charging behind me. He got in the lane to the left of me and I suddenly notice he was changing lanes right into me.  I quickly braked in order to avoid him, and wasn't sure if he would have actually gone through with it.

Apparently, he thought this would scare me.  But still not wanting to break any law, I continued to drive along casually, no matter how slow he went.  Finally, he just turned off to a side road.  A driver behind me looked like he was getting out his cell phone so I pulled in to a driveway for a business, thinking the witness would pull over too.  But he didn't, so I continued to my destination, never seeing the truck again.

Too bad I didn't take the time to catch his plate numbers.

So, did I unnecessarily risk my life by antagonizing a jerk?  Discuss.


A more risk averse person than yourself said...

Despite your superhero status, some things are just not worth your time, especially if it's going to endanger yourself. So, yes.

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keven john said...

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